Congress: Congress: 10 & 11 November, 2020
Venue: InterContinental Hotel - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Faruq Mohammad Rashid Al Hara

Superintendent | Al Rowad International Schools

I work as superintendent at Al Rowad International Schools, one of the biggest and outstanding international schools in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia. I have been in the schools for eight years since 2013 taking leading positions until I was assigned to become the superintendent of the Boys Section in the schools in 2019. Al Rowad is the first school in the Kingdom to raise the flag of international education preserving the national identity and Islamic ethics. I spent most of my career life in education occupying teaching and leading missions. My first eight years in publishing industry and curricula advisory occupied my entire life and colored my career life then.
In 2011 Al Rowad shifted the premises and began a new era with large buildings and ability to enroll local Saudi students in addition to expatriates who represented more than 95% before this decision. This doubled the number of students to become about 4000 students in the campus. The current administrative team at that time could not easily handle the great flux, and required the owners to look for quick and effective solutions. The change which the team made when I joined as General Manager in 2013 shifted the schools to continuous success, and the schools could overcome the massive shift in the administrative and academic sectors. The number of the students grew rapidly to reach 6800 in two years. This great success wouldn’t have happened without the massive efforts and insight spent by the academic and administrative teams.
I look to lead the school to become one of the leading schools with the same mission and vision internationally.

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