Congress: Congress: 10 & 11 November, 2020
Venue: InterContinental Hotel - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Hind Abounasr Kassir

Founder | SEEDS

Founder of SEEDS for professional development and the online Arabic and Vocational Training development Platform for youth and for passionate educators and professionals with 8 years of experience in policy and curriculum design in the Ministry of Education of the UAE.

A Doctoral Degree from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom in studying the globalization impact on education policies and reforms notably the pandemics.

In the MENA region.  Senior educationist, Curriculum Expert and an International certified assessor by NAYEC certified for early childhood teachers having over 19 years of experience in government curriculum designing, project management based on blended learning and digitalized content evaluation, and class observation, inspection and reporting based on government and non-government standards.   Well versed in defining local and cultural specifications in local and global context and in aligning them with the local and global requirements and the national standards of the SDG goals and doing its localizations in policy design and planning.

Quality assurance assessor on the 21st Century skills and StrEaM revolution policy and design thinking implementation in education institutions.

Distinguished as the UNGSII Key speaker for youth empowerment in Espoo (Finland) and Vatican (Rome) for the SDG4 and workshop moderator at the Beijing CSW64 and design thinking with academic impact universities. Keynote speaker and Panelist for Cambridge education forums.  Consultant in School Evaluation in STREAM and in Talent- based science project for the YOUNG TALENT AWARD

Publisher in science and inquiry of science Effectiveness/ the Science – Inquiry Teaching Approach on the Students’ Achievement and Engagement in the UAE Public Schools.

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